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zla double-stage vacuum oil filter machine
- chongqing zhongke filter plant manufacuture co.,ltd.
ZLA 1.Control the temperature of operating automatically 2.Dehydratio... 2012-02-15
zla device
zy efficient vacuum oil purification
- chongqing zhongke filter plant manufacuture co.,ltd.
1.provide safe maintenance environment 2.Filtering, filling vacuum purifyi... 2012-02-15
zy device
zya waste recycling oil purifier - chongqing zhongke filter plant manufacuture co.,ltd.
ZYA usage: 1.Adopt internal recycle 2.Be suitable for the high viscocity... 2012-02-15
zya device
Zinc oxide 99%/99.5%/99.7%
- Hebei Kinglight Chemicals Co.,Ltd
Used in paint, rubber, glass, ceramics, cosmetics, printing ink, varnished ... 2010-03-18
Zinc oxide
Zinc Oxide 
- Foshan Duomi Metals Material Co.,LTD
It can be applied in many kinds of industries, such as: rubber, dope, cable... 2008-04-29
Zinc oxide
Zinc powder  - Foshan Duomi Metals Material Co.,LTD
It is used as activator, reducing agent of printing and dyeing, oil deodora... 2008-04-29
Zinc ingot
Zhongneng Oil Filtration Machine,Oil Purifier,Waste Oil Recycling System,Oil Recovery,Separator
- Diamochem International Co.,LTD
Uses in rubber." 2004-10-07
Zinc carbonate
Zinc Peroxide--for rubber
- Diamochem International Co.,LTD
For special rubber, such the rubber for produce A.B.S." 2004-10-07
Zinc peroxide
Zelec UN  - DuPont Chemicals
Internal mold release agent for use in polyester resins. Yields antistati... 2001-04-12
Zonyl FSP  - DuPont Chemicals
Zonyl FSP is a water-soluble, anionic phosphate fluorosurfactant that gives... 2001-04-12
Fluorochemical surfactant