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Foshan Duomi Metals Material Co.,LTD
502 Building 2,Dongjian Shiji Jiayuan,No.33 Jin Yuan St.,Chancheng District,Foshan,Guangdong,China
Jet NG
Industrial field inorganic chemicals
Company Description (Introduction)

Foshan Duomi Metals Material Co., Ltd. is a cooperative joint-stock enterprise that was formally established in the year 2006. We are principally engaged in the production and sale of non-ferrous metals and inorganic chemicals. In addition to this, we are available to take customer specified OEM orders.

Our products include:
1) Selenium Powder 99.5% - 99.9%
2) Selenium Dioxide
3) Tellurium
4) Bismuth Oxide
5) Zinc Dust
6) Titanium Dioxide
7) Cobalt Oxide 72%
8) Copper Sulfate
9) Zinc Oxide 99.7%
10) Cerium Oxide
11) Yttrium Oxide

We manufacture products of a high quality and offer them at very competitive prices. Our products are manufactured using the latest equipment and technology imported from abroad, and therefore match the quality and standard of any similar products made elsewhere in the world. Moreover, we work in accordance with the standards laid out in the IS09002 quality management system, and are certified by CQC in China, and by AOQC Moody in Britain.

We have taken 'quality, development, integrity, and efficiency' as the four main qualities our company must attain in all areas of its work. Moreover, we follow the principle that quality first, reliability, and superior customer service must be what our management team sets as the benchmark within our company. We will continue to ensure that we develop new products, establish new markets, and expand our worldwide reputation and profile.

Courtesy of our up-to-date techniques, advanced equipment, manufacturing experience, and a team of high-level engineers and technicians, we have been successfully serving our many our customers throughout several industries. These industries include paint and coatings manufacture, paper, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

We extend a warm welcome to new customers, and wish to establish cooperative business relationships with serious companies seeking to source quality products from China. Contact us today.

Chemical products list for the selected company's manufacturing items.
Bismuth  -  Low melting point, us in metal material, Bismuth oxide, paint material, additive ...
Bismuth Trioxide  -  Mainly used for chemical industry, Bi salt manufacture, glass coloring, press an ...
Cerium Oxide  -  It can be applied as additive and abrasive material of plate glass in glass indu ...
Cobalt chloride  -  It is widely used in production of barometer, dosimeter and other cobalt product ...
Cobalt Oxide  -  It can be applied in the manufacturing of pigment, glaze, and magnetic material. ...
Copper Sulfate  -  It can be applied as the mordant of cotton and silk printing, and for making gre ...
Electrolytic Manganese Metal
■­ŔńŔ¸ň˝ŕŔ?ˇ˝ŰˇŃŔ<  -  It is used in smelting special steel, chemical industry, electronic material, ad ...
Gallium  -  Use in semiconductor industry, high temperature weatherglass, low melting point ...
Nickel powder  -  accelerantúČelectron materialúČbattery material
Selenium Dioxide  -  Used as oxidant, catalyst, chemical reagent etc.
Selenium Ingot  -  Used in pharmaceutical, chemical, glass, electronic, metallurgy, ceroscopy indu ...
Tellurium  -  High quality materials to manufacture photo electricity and thermoelectricity pa ...
Yttria Oxide  -  It is mainly is use for manufacturing microwave-use magnetism material and impor ...
Zinc Oxide  -  It can be applied in many kinds of industries, such as: rubber, dope, cable indu ...
Zinc powder  -  It is used as activator, reducing agent of printing and dyeing, oil deodorant, a ...
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