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Brite Chemical Co.,Ltd.
66-15 Qingchundong Road, Hangzhou 310020, Zhejiang, China
Allan Chiao
Industrial field cosmetics, food additive & flavoring, inorganic chemicals, surfactants
Company Description (Introduction)

Our company has been engaged in the production of varied types of chemical products to be used in detergent industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry for many years. The leading products include:

1)sodum perborate monohydrate/tetrahydrate
2)optical brightening agents for different industries(e.g.,for detergent industry: CBS-X, CXT types)
3)TIBP(Tri iso butyl phosphate)(for detergent, dying and etc.)
4)CDI(N,N'-Carbonyl Diimidazole)(pharmaceutical industry)
5)L-Glutamine(food industry)
6)sorbic acid and pottasium sorbate(food industry)
7)PVP of industrial, medical and cosmetic grades

At present, we are supplying our proudcts to many customers home and abroad. We have very strong technical force in the processing of our own products and are also doing custom manfuacture for some special partners. Relying on a united team fully experienced on import & export business, we have so far fulfiled orders from all sorts of customers smoothly. Meanwhile we make full use of our expertise on logistics to help make Brite Chemical the first chemical link in China.

Chemical products list for the selected company's manufacturing items.
BRITE-EDTA  -  EDTA is mainly used for water treatment, as an addtive to detergent, chemical fo ...
Brite-L-Glutamine  -  L-glutamine is an important amino acid to compose protein for human body. It has ...
BRITE-Optical Brightener CXT
юридически?услуги<  -  detergent industry: Conventional detergent powders: 0.05-0.40% Compact deterge ...
BRITE-potassium sorbate
BRITE-Sorbic Acid  -  Food additive
BRITE-TIBP  -  TiBP is mainly used as antifoam agent in various aqueous systems where it has th ...
EDTA-2NA (EDTA Disodium Salt)
юридически?услуги  -  Disodium salt is used in detergent,liquid soap,shampoo,agricultural chemicals,fi ...
Optical Brightener CBS-X
юридически?услуги<  -  It is mainly used in high-grade compound washing powder, hyperconcentration liqu ...
Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate
юридически?услуги  -  oxidizing bleach agent in detergent industry
Sodium Percarbonate  -  oxidizing bleach agent in detergent powder.
Chemical products list for the selected company's ditributing items
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Chemicals raw material list for the selected company's manufacturing or selling items
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