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Graphite powder,
Reinforcing agent-plastics, ca
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Expanded graphite packin
?<  -  Ningbo Cixi Aiflon Sealings materials Co.,LTD
Name: Cixi Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.,LTD ADD: No. 16 Xingyuan Rd. Zonghan Industrial Zone. C ...
Flake Graphite  -  Wealson,China
Wealson offers a full line of graphite flake and graphite powder products. The purity of our flake ...
Improved Graphite  -  Ningbo Cixi Aiflon Sealings materials Co.,LTD
Improved Graphite PA2000p-Graphife packing with PTFE impregnafion Expavded packing impregnated with ...