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Ningbo Cixi Aiflon Sealings materials Co.,LTD
No. 16 Xingyuan Rd. Zonghan Industrial Zone. Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Industrial field additive, adhesive & sealant, agrochemical, inorganic chemicals, pharmaceutical, plastic, polymer, resin, monomer, polyurethane(PU), rubber & additives
Company Description (Introduction)

Cixi Faith Sealing Materials Co.,LTD. as a professional manufacturer & exporter of sealing products, we specializing in metallic gaskets and non-metallic gaskcts,gasket sheets, and various gland and fiber packings.
Our main products:
gland packing: Carbon fiber packingExpanded graphite packing,PTFE packing,asbestos packing....ect.
Gasket: spiral wound gasket, metal jacketed gasket, double jacketed gasket, metal eyeleted flat gasket,graphite gasket,asbestos gasket....ect
gasket material: graphite sheet, non-asbestos sheet, asbestos sheet, mica sheet, PTFE sheet, rubber sheet, asbestos-rubber sheet
Tools & machines: packing tools, small/middle winding machines for SWG, large winding machine, steel strip splitter.
I sincerely looking forward to establish a good business relation with you in near future.

Fancy hu /Faith
Cixi Faith Sealing&packing Co.,Ltd
No15# Jinshan Rd,Cixi,Zhejiang,China.
Mob :0086-574-81317100

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Expanded graphite packin
юридически?услуги<  -  Name: Cixi Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.,LTD ADD: No. 16 Xingyuan Rd. Zongha ...
Improved Graphite  -  Improved Graphite PA2000p-Graphife packing with PTFE impregnafion Expavded packi ...
Seal machines&equipment&equipment
юридически  -  Seal machines&equipment&equipment Aiflon multitudinous products with 6 series ...

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