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Graphite Composite Sheet
- Wealson,China
This product is formed by mechanically or sticking flexible graphite sheets... 2012-10-24
Graphite Composite Sheet
Graphite Felt  - Wealson,China
Graphite felts are designed for use as high temperature insulation in vacuu... 2012-10-24
Graphite Gasket  - Wealson,China
Graphite gaskets are cut from pure graphite sheet or graphite sheet with me... 2012-10-24
Glycerin Monostearate
- Timeliall
Glycerin Monostearate Synonym: Glycerol Monostearate Description: Glyc... 2010-09-17
Glycerin monostearate
Glacial acetic acid GAA 98-99.8%
- Hebei Kinglight Chemicals Co.,Ltd
As one of most important organic raw materials, it is mainly used in such p... 2010-03-18
Glacial acetic acid
Guanidine carbonate 
- Nanjing Oriental Peal Chemical Co
versatile intermediates used in the manufacture of plastics, resins, rubber... 2010-03-01
(CH5N3)2 * H2CO3
Gauze corrugated structure tower packing
- Ningbo TianYi Chemical Industrial(T.C.I) Co.,
we are able to provide our customers with an extensive range of tower packi... 2008-11-22
Gauze corrugated structure tower packing
graphite ring  - Ningbo TianYi Chemical Industrial(T.C.I) Co., ltd
Our company has developed various types heat-resistant and corrosion- re... 2008-08-12
graphite ring
Green Silicon Carbide
- Henan Futong Industry Co.,Ltd.
Green Silicon Carbide is produced as the same type as the black sil... 2006-11-21
Green Silicon Carbide
glue gun  - Anhui goldmen Industry And Trading Co.,Ltd
Power:10W-150WVoltage110-240V50-60HZPacking: blister packCarton s 2004-07-29
eva and resin
GSP Antimony Trioxide
- Guizhou SWIE Corp.
Antimony trioxide is produced from stibnite ores (antimony trisulfide) or a... 2003-11-16
GSP Antimony Trisulfide
- Guizhou SWIE Corp.
Antimony trisulfide is used in the production of explosives, pigments, anti... 2003-11-16
G-50 Barytes 
- Cimbar Performance Minerals
G-50 Barytes is the coarsest barytes manufactured by CIMBAR Performance Min... 2001-04-12
Natural unbleached coarse barytes
- C.P. Hall Company
This product is a liquid soap release coating which provides excellent rele... 2001-04-12
Great Lakes CD-75P 
- Great Lakes Chemical Corp.(Headquarters)
Halogenated Flame Retardant Great Lakes CD-75P, hexabromocyclododecane, is... 2001-04-12
Great Lakes DE-83R 
- Great Lakes Chemical Corp.(Headquarters)
Halogenated Flame Retardant Great Lakes DE-83R is a high purity fully brom... 2001-04-12
Decabromodiphenyl oxide