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JD-107  - Jeong Weon Chemical Co. Ltd.
This defoaming agent is especially effective in high solid coating color. ... 2002-06-17
JI-1000   - Jeong Weon Chemical Co. Ltd.
JI-1000 is inorganic complex type insolubilizer for coating colors. It sh... 2002-06-17
JK-2007  - Jeong Weon Chemical Co. Ltd.
Moisture proofing agent for recyclable paper package. Packaging paper trea... 2002-06-17
JNS-3  - Jeong Weon Chemical Co. Ltd.
This ant-slip agent is useful for bag paper where non-slip treatment is imp... 2002-06-17
JS-2300   - Jeong Weon Chemical Co. Ltd.
JS-2300 is emlusion type surface sizing agent for paper processing. It of... 2002-06-17