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Xanthan Gum
hydrochloric acid and ethanol ¡¢ cornstarch
Xanthan Gum is new polysaccharide and ferment it is widely used in more than twenty areas such as: Food,Petrol,Mineral,Ceramics,Textile,Printing and Dying,Medicine,Papermaking,fire-extinguishing,Painting and Cosmetics,which is used as 30-40styles
ìé¡¢ physical chemical features
Name£ºxanthan gum
Molecular Formula£º(C35H49O29)n
Appearance £¦ color£ºwhite and light cream powder
CAS NO.£º11138-66-26
죡¢ Packing£º25KG In outer cardboard drums or multiply paper bags,and 1KG in inner hot-sealed plastic bags.
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