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Ivermectin 70288-86-7
Ivermectin 70288-86-7
Our company specializes in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), veterinary drugs, agrochemicals, bio-chemicals, intermediates and specialty chemicals and We offer custom research (FTE), custom synthesis & custom manufacturing for Innovator and Generic companies across the world who seek to leverage high quality, competitively priced Chinese chemistry skills to their advantage.

If you will be interesting in our company, please contact to Mr.Jiang's MSN: jhch217@hotmail.com or send e-mail to: arthur.pharmachem@gmail.com, thanks in advance!

we have the products as:Sulfanilamide Series, Quinolone Series, Antivirus Series, Anti Bacterial Drugs (Aminoglycosides Series), Anti Bacterial Drugs (Amphenicol Series), Antimycotics Antibiotics Series, Anti Bacterial Drugs(Tetracycline Series), Anti Bacterial Drugs(PhosphoryaltedPolysaccharideSystem), Anti Bacterial Drugs(Lincomycin Series), Antisepsis Synergist, Vermifuge & Antiscolic Drug, Other Antibacterial, Accessory Ingredient,,CONTACT TO: jhch217 AT hotmail.com
Industrial field agrochemical, animal chemicals, biocide, fungicide, pharmaceutical
DeF Pharmaceutical Chemical Co.,ltd
Phone 008613509490307
Homepage www.dragonford.cn
E-mail arthur.pharmachem@gmail.com
Address Chongqing north zone
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