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titanium dioxide
Titanium dioxide
titanium dioxide anatase or rutile
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Bestchem I. & E.Co.,Ltd is ISO9001:2000 quality approval enterprise, activities involving in inorganic/organic chemicals raw materials, water treatment chemicals, pigments, dyestuffs and feed additives in China.

Nowadays we are already in good position to supply the following items:

01. Aluminum Sulphate
02. Benzoic Acid
03. Carbon Black
04. Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose
05. Chrome Yellow
06. Ferrous Sulphate
07. Formic Acid
08. Iron Oxide
09. Lithopone
10. Indigo blue
11. Oxalic acid
12. Pentaerythritol
13. Polyaluminium Chloride
14. Sodium Benzoate
15. Sodium Formate
16. Sodium Hexametaphosphate
17. Stearic Acid
18. Sulphur Black
19. Titanium Dioxide
20. Zinc Chloride
21. Zinc Oxide
22. Zinc Sulphate

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Packed in paper bag of 25kg each
Industrial field dye & pigment, inorganic chemicals, waste & water treatment
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