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Isobutyl cinnamate
Isobutyl cinnamate
Dear sir,
I am pleased to inform you that we are the biggest manufacture of aromatic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediate products in china--Wuhan yuancheng technology,ltd.
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I am pleased to give you our main product list as following:
1. Cinnamaldehyde (CAS NO:104-55-2)
2. cinnamic acid (CAS NO: 621-82-9)
3. Cinnamonitrile (CAS NO: 1885-38-7)
4. cinnamic alcohol (CAS NO: 104-54-1)
5. cinnamyl chloride ??CAS NO:21087-29-6??
6. isopropyl cinnamate ??CAS NO:7780-06-5??
7. isobutyl cinnamate (CAS NO: 22-67-8)
8. p-chlorocinnamic acid ??CAS NO:1615-02-7??
9. alpha-amylcinnamaldehyde ??CAS NO:101-39-3??
10. alpha-bromocinnamaldehyde (CAS NO: 5443-49-2)
11. beta-bromostyrol (CAS NO: 103-64-0)
12. cinnamyl acetate (CAS NO: 103-54-8)
13. cinnamyl chloride (CAS NO: 2687-12-9)
14. ethyl cinnamate (CAS NO: 103-36-6)
15. methyl cinnamate (CAS NO: 103-26-4)
16. o-formylcinnamic acid (CAS NO: 130036-17-8)
17. p-formylcinnamic acid (CAS NO: 233 -08-2)
18. p-methoxycinnamic acid (CAS NO: 830-09-1)
19. p-methylcinnamic acid (CAS NO: 1866-39-3)
20 alpha-Hexylcinnamaldehyde (CAS NO: 101-86-0)

If you need any of this,please let me know,I will give you the quote.
Hope we will have the opportunity to cooperate with you in 2007.

Looking forward to your early reply!

Best regards
International Sales Department

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ADD:496#zhongshan road,Wuhan,China
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wuhan yuancheng technology,ltd
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Fax 86-27-68886700
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