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Thiourea dioxide
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Thiourea dioxide (TDO) is a strong reductant which re-arranges under alkaline conditions to form formamidine sulphinic acid. This product is used in leather processing industry, paper, pulp and board industry, photographic industry, textile processing industry, bleaching and reducing agents. This product is also a component of decolorisation agents. TDO has been very effective on a wide variety of pulp sources as a reductive bleaching aid in the pulp and paper industry. The application of TDO is crucial to achieve optimal brightness gain in the deinking process.
Quality index:

Urea sulfur dioxide content (%) Min 99.0
Thiourea content (%) Max 0.10
Sulfate content (%) Max 0.15
Fe content (%) Max0.001
Moisture (%) Max0.05
Industrial field dye & pigment
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