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Hangzhou Trylead Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive entity which specializes in development, production and trade of pharmaceutical,agrochemical and dyestuff intermediates,The major businesses of our company are:
1. Supply high purity organic reagent.
2. Supply intermediates for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyestuff 3. Custom manufacturing and co-developing new chemicals under signing secret agreements.
The company mainly supplies organic intermediate product of outstanding quality, and unceasingly promotes innovation and the patent product of its own, At the same time, the company carries on the trade service of high-quality chemical product with related company with reliable and consistent supply and reasonable price. If you have any new chemicals want to find or develop in China, please tell us by email or fax, we could find the one you need with good quality and competitive price through our business network.we will do our best to cooperate with you.
Melting point: 316-317
Industrial field agrochemical, biocide, fungicide, civil & construction, dye & pigment, fat & oils, wax, pharmaceutical, solvents
Hangzhou Trylead Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd
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Address Room 602,Unit 1,No.12, Zhugan Lane Hangzhou,China
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