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Quality Description of IQF Lingonberry:
1. The number of five or less than five conglutination is below 8%.
2. Natural color of ripe lingonberry.
3. Natural taste of ripe lingonberry, no peculiar taste, no rot.
4. Lingonberry contains above 8% sugar.
5. No broken fruit, below 5%. Less than 10 buttons in 1 kilogram.
6. No unripe fruit, below 3%.
7. No transformative fruit. No diseased fruit.
8. No metal, glass, stone, sand, plastic, or any other impurity.
9. Microbiology standard conforms to European standard
Packing: 10kg/carton (aseptic bag in double corrugated carton)
Dimension: 23.5cm36cm27.5cm
12 tons in one 20 feet reffer container, below -18 .
24 tons in one 40 feet reffer container, below -18 .
Industrial field inorganic chemicals
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