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vinylene carbonate
1,3-Dioxo-2-one, 99.5%, water content 50ppm
Vinylene carbonate can be used as the Additive for the Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte, which has a high effective activity in the mixed solvent of dimethyl carbonate and ethylene carbonate.
battery grade
Physical State: Liquid
Appearance: colorless
Odor: Not available.
pH: Not available.
Vapor Pressure: Not available.
Vapor Density: Not available.
Evaporation Rate:Not available.
Viscosity: Not available.
Boiling Point: 162 deg C @760mmHg
Freezing/Melting Point:19 - 22 deg C
Decomposition Temperature:Not available.
Solubility: 11.5g / 100ml
Specific Gravity/Density:1.360
Molecular Formula:C3H2O3
Molecular Weight:86.05
Industrial field solvents
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