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Main usage:
Indium is mainly used in the manufacture of metal alloys, such as the advanced bearing alloys, low melting alloys etc. It ' s also used in electronic, some alloys can be used in nuclear industry, as preservative, special solder and so on.

Physical specifications and packing:
Indium ingot shapes in rectangular trapezium. The Size is 110*30+/- 3mm , the weight is 2000g+/-100g , 500g+/-50g . It's packed with the special wooden case of 20kg net each.

Main Features:
Indium is silver and easily molten metal. Its melting point is 176.6, and toiling point is 2026, the standard electric potential is –
0.34V. Its soft, easily plasticized and overlaid. It also can be pressed into thin metal pieces. It can in inorganic salt of various consistencies.

Transport Storage Use:
Indium ingot is packed with container or tarpaulin . When Indium ingots stowed in piles, the height should be less than 5 cases. Of placed open-air, it should be covered with tarpaulin. The cushion placed under the case should be higher than 100mm. When melting the Indium, the temperature shouldn't be too high. When melting with acid, the acidity should be kept properly. When unbutton, It shouldn't be taken by hand directly.

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