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Fitted Zinc Sulphate
Zinc sulphate
For Fertilize.
Fitted Zinc Sulphate is developing to Substitute Hepta Zinc Sulphate or Zinc Oxide. When applied it to farmlandzinc and other race elements which some quickly and some slowly will dissolving and releasing to the soil but some slowly. It can be absorbed by cropper and show the fertile effects permanent and immediately.
Industrial field additive, adhesive & sealant, agrochemical, animal chemicals, biocide, fungicide, cosmetics, dye & pigment, fat & oils, wax, food additive & flavoring, inorganic chemicals, organo silicone, others, paint & coating, paper & pulp additive, pharmaceutical, polyurethane(PU), rubber & additives, solvents, surfactants, waste & water treatment
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