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XF-995T BCDMH is a product of choice for applications where the highest degree of feed control is needed.
It can effectively control bacterial, algal, and fungal slimes that can cause costly reductions in heat transfer efficiency, and it has following advantages:
Safer handling.
Because of the solid form, BCDMH is easier to handle that most common gas and liquid oxidizing biocides, thereby reducing the likely risk and impact of environmental exposure.
Enhanced Environmental Acceptability.
As BCDMH hydrolyzes ultimately, it can decay rapidly allowing for safe discharge into most wastewater system.
The results shown in a practical field study indicates that both dimethylhydantion and ethylmethylhydantoin are degraded in municipal waste treatment plants.
Molecular weight: 241.5
Appearance: Off White Tablet
Odor: Halogen
Total Active content: > 96%
Active Bromine(Br): > 31.1%
Active Chlorine(Cl): > 13.2%
Non-active Content: < 1%
Solubility@ 25'C: 0.2%
Melting Point: 145 - 150'C
Industrial field others
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