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XF-994 BNP is an excellent combination of biocidal efficacy and an environmental profile because of its lack of persistence and good aquatic toxicity values:
This compound is effective against a wide range of bacteria, alga and also sulphate reducing abcteria.
No evidence of mutagenicity or carcinogencity has been observed BNP.
BNP used in conjunction with isothiazolone improves the bio-control.
It is not a skin sensitizer and is not volatile.
Its lack of environmental persistence and low aquatic toxicity values makes it well suited for use in industrial plants.
XF-994 is a kind of biocides in broad spectrum, and can offer good inhibition performance to yeast and mildew.
It is widely used in industrial water treatment, pulp and paper making, oilfield, toothpaste, medicine and other field.
It is applied to wide pH range.
It has excellent compatibility with various of surfactants.
Appearance: white or light yellow crystalline powder
Molecular weight: 200
Assay: > 99
Moisture content: < 0.5
pH(1% aqueous solution): 4.0 - 4.6
Melting point: > 125'C
Industrial field others
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