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Maleic Anhydride/Carboxylic Acid Copolymer
XF-322(CPMA) is an aqueous solution of a polymer based on maleic anhydride.
It provides excellent scale control in industrial in industrial cooling water systems.
In combination with phosphonates, it gives excellent control of calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate deposition, and can be applied to formulate very cost-effective zinc-based corrosion inhibitor formulations.
*Applications: Cooling water systems, Cleaning compounds, Pulp & paper process, Reverse osmosis systems, Oilfield injection systems.
Molecular weight: < 1000
Typical active content: 48 - 52%
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow clear solution
Specific gravity at 25'C: 1.18 - 1.22
PH(1% solution): < 3
Industrial field others
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