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Maleic Acid Anhydride Homopolymer
XF-321 HPMA offers excellent scale control performance in industrial cooling water, boiler water, suger mill applications, etc.
Unlike PAA,PMAA and other polymers which are applied under general water conditions, XF-321 could specially treat critical water conditions such as high temperature, high alkalinity, high hardness for control of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate depositions, XF-321 has the following key functions: Threshold effect performance, Excellent crystal distortion performance, Excellent thermal & hydrolytic stability, Excellent chemical, chlorine stability,
Good dispersion function: better corrosion control.
*Applications: Cooling water systems, Boiler water systems, Oilfield injection systems, Sugar mill evaporator systems, Reverse osmosis systems, Desalination systems.
Molecular weight: < 1000
Typical active content: 47 - 52%(Karl Fisher Method)
Appearance: Clear, amber liquid
Specific gravity at(20'C): 1.16 - 1.19
PH(NEAT): < 2.0
Freezing point range('C): -5 to -12
Viscosity at 25'C(760mm Hg): 12 - 30
Industrial field others
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