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1-Hydroxyethyldene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid
XF-334 is a multifunctional phosphonate providing all the properties of polyphosphates, phosphate esters, polymers and chelating agents.
XF-334 is employed as a scale control agent for cooling water treatment.
Besides, it can improve corrosion control, or inhibit iron fouling and assist dispersion of solids.
XF-334 is with the following key functions: Threshold effect Hydrolytic stability, Sequestration Chlorine stability, Crystal growth modification Chlorine stability.
- Scale and corrosion control in cooling water and oilfield water.
- Scale control in evaporative desalination and reverse osmosis.
- Sludge modification in boiler water.
- Stabilization of chemical compounds which are decomposed by trace metals(for example, hydrogen peroxide).
- Surface treatment for dairy, metal finishing and industrial operations.
- Regeneration and cleaning of ion exchange resins.
Molecular weight: 206
Typical active content: 58 - 62%
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow clear solution
Specific gravity at(20'C): 1.42 - 1.47
PH(1% solution): < 2
Iron(Fe): < 35ppm
Ca2+Sequestration: > 400mg CaCO3/g
Phosphorous Acid: < 4.0%
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