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2-Phono-Butane-1,2,4-Tricaboxylic Acid
XF-210 PBTC is a multifunctional molecule offering combination properties of polyphosphates and aminocarboxylate sequestering agent.
It has excellent thermal hydrolytic stability compared to polyphosphates.
- Cooling/boiler water treatment: scale & corrosion inhibition
- Oil drilling field water treatment
- Sea water evaporators
- Cleaning formulations
Molecular weight: 270
Typical active content: 50 +/- 1%
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow clear solution
Specific gravity at(20'C): 1.27-1.30
PH(1% solution): <2
Solidifying point: Approx. -15'C
Iron(Fe): < 5ppm
Chlorides(as CL): < 10ppm
H3PO4(as PO4'%): < 0.2
Viscosity at 20'C: 15 - 25mPa.S
Industrial field others
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