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C12-15 Alcohols Benzoate
FINSOLV TN a unique non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-comedogenic, water insoluble, readily emulsifiable ester, possesses the following unexpected properties and attributes:
1. imparts a dry lubricating feel in the presence of large amounts of mineral oil or petrolatum ("deoils" mineral oil and "degreases" petrolatum)
2. superior solubilizer of lipophilic cosmetic raw materials, especially sunscreen agents and volatile silicones
3. high positive spreading coefficient
4. anti-tack agent, especially in antiperspirant formulations
5. wetting agent and auxiliary suspending agent for water insoluble powdered products
6. stable to hydrolysis within pH range of about 2-12.
FINSOLV TN is compatible with commonly used plastic containers except for polystyrene and styrene copolymers such as SAN.
Appearance : liquid
Required HLB : 12
Spreading Coefficient : 34.5
Industrial field solvents
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