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Polyurethane for water proofing and flooring
Modifies Polyurethane System
VAROCOAT-ONE VARO-60 is One-Pack Polyurethane System for waterproofing.
- One-Pack Polyurethane System.
- No problem with mixing.
- Good adhesion to substrate, persistence and chemical resistance.
- Decrease of construction cost and time.
- Easy application and repair.
- Applicable to every part.
- Non-exposed water proofing agent.
Appearance: Colored viscose liquid.
Viscosity: 4,00+/-1,000 cPS/25'C
Density: 1.3+/-0.1 (g/cm3)
Solid Content(%): 92+/-2
Tacky Free Time(hrs at 25'CX60%RH): max 3
Industrial field civil & construction, plastic, polymer, resin, monomer, polyurethane(PU)
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