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Tetronic 90R4
EO/PO ethylene diainine block copolymer
TETRONIC and TETRONIC R nonionic surfactants are tetrafunctional block copolymers derived from the addition of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide to ethylenediamine.
All members of the series are 100% active and relatively non-toxic.
As in the PLURONIC series of surfactants, the hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts of the molecule have been selectively varied to give you a wide range of functional characteristics to select from in meeting your specific surfactant requirements.
TETRONIC R surfactants are particularly recommended when low foaming properties are desired.
TETRONIC surfactants have ampholytic properties, which make them particularly useful in metal cleaning and treatment.
In addition, their defoaming and antistatic properties have found use in the paint, paper, cement, ink, plastic and detergent industries.
Form Liquid
Cloud Point(1% aqueous sol.) C 43
Surface Tension (0.1%, 25C) dynes/cm 42.7
Foam Height (Ross Miles, 0.1%, 50C) mm 20
HLBa Value, 25C 7
Average Molecular Weight 7,240
Industrial field additive, civil & construction, cosmetics, paint & coating, paper & pulp additive, rubber & additives
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