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Tecsol D-1
Ethyl alcohol, anhydrous
Eastman offers a broad line of synthetic ethyl alcohols - denatured and undenatured, 95% (190 proof) and anhydrous (200 proof).
Denatured ethyl alcohol in the form of a special industrial solvent is marketed as TECSOL Special Industrial Solvent and is available as 95% or anhydrous.
There are several formulas each having a different denaturant.
TECSOL D-1 is denatured with isopropyl alcohol and methyl isobutyl ketone.
Coatings for plastic
Printing inks
Solvents in cellulosic coatings
Propertya Typical Value, Unitsc
Form Liquid
Color Colorless
Odor Alcohol
Vapor Pressured @ 19C 40 mm Hg
Vapor Densityd (air = 1) 1.6
Boiling Pointd 78C (172F)
Flash Pointd Tag Closed Cup 13C (56F)
Autoignition Temperatured 404C 760F
Industrial field solvents
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