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Tebol 99
tert-Butyl alcohol
Tert-Butyl Alcohol
High purity tertiary butyl alcohol (TEBOL 99) is a colorless, noncorrosive liquid which exhibits unique physical and chemical properties.
Excellent solvating and coupling capabilities, in conjunction with its stability and low reactivity, make Tebol 99 an ideal solvent.
Tebol 99 can also be used in chemical syntheses as an ideal source for the tertiary butyl functionality.
Specific Gravity (20/20'C) : 0.80
Boiling Point (760 TORR) : 82'C
Freezing Point : 24'C
Flash Point (Tag Closed Cup) : 11'C
Non-Volatile Matter (g/100mL) : 0.001
Vapor Pressure (20'C): 31.0 mm Hg
Industrial field additive, adhesive & sealant, agrochemical, paint & coating, pharmaceutical, solvents
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