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Petrol, hydrocarbon resin
LX-1200 Resin is an inert thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin formulated to a mixed aliphatic/aromatic composition.
Due to its good solubility characteristics, this resin can be used as an extender in various alkyd based coatings to increase film hardness, chemical resistance and gloss and reduce dry time
in adhesives and caulks, to improve tack, bond strength and reduce sag
in ink applications for quick solvent release, pigment wetting and viscosity control.
Softening Point, R&B, 'C : 114
Color, Gardner (50% in 100 Solvent) : 11
Specific Gravity @ 25'C : 1.09
Iodine No., Wijs : 155
Flash Point 'F(COC) : 425
Molecular Weight, no avg.,GPC : 465
Acid Number : <1
Viscosity,Gardner @ 25'C : 4.0
Hydrocarbon Dilution Tolerance (HDT) : >200
Form : Flaked
Industrial field additive, civil & construction
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