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Isopar L
Hydrotreated heavy naphtha (petroleum)
C11-13 isoparaffin
Agricultural industry
Isopar fluids all have a low aromatic content. They are low odor materials.
* Composition:
- All materials are isoparaffins with little or no aromatic or cyclic character.
Aniline Point, ('C): 80 ?88
Appearance Pass
Aromatics Content, (wt. %): 0.01 max
Bromine Index, (mg Br/100 g): 20 max
Bulk Odor: Pass
Color, (Saybolt Units): 30 min
Distillation IBP, ('C): 185 min DP, ('C): 204 ?211
Flash Point, ('C) 60 min
Specific Gravity @ 15.6/15.6'C: 0.765 ?0.772
Sulfur Content, (ppm): 5 max
Industrial field additive, agrochemical, cosmetics, paint & coating, solvents
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