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Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-60
Titanium dioxide
This product is the best quality of chinese titanium dioxide. We are dedicated to providing value for our customers, who subsequently supply the world with coatings, plastics, laminate and paper products. We deliver industry-leading innovation that addresses the growing worldwide demand for high quality titanium dioxide by working to create brighter, more efficient pigments. Even beyond the products we deliver, we also strive to be a partner that enables the development of sustainable solutions to customer challenges, further enhancing their business performance.
TiO: 94%
105 Volatile% : 0.5%
Fineness%(45 sieve residue) : 0.010
PH : 7.9
Matter soluble in water% : 0.1%
Oil absorption g/100g : 18
Resistivity : 123
Rutile(%) : 99%
CIE L*a*b (1976) : L*:98.8, a*:-0.5, b*:1.6
Paint Whiteness : Excellent
Lightening Power : 1930
Mull Dispersibility(%) : 7
Scattering Power(%) : 98%
Industrial field dye & pigment
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