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activated bleaching earth
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The most important properties of bleaching earth clay are adsorption and decolorizing ability. Adsorption mainly means physical and chemical adsorption. Physical adsorption is attributed to Van Der Waal�
s forces. This force is commonly found both on the surface of the adsorbent and among molecules of adsorbate. As a result, the physical adsorption is non-selective but easy to reach equilibrium and has a better adsorption speed. Chemical adsorption is through chemical linkage with a significant selectivity. The decoloration for fats and oils is by adsorbing and removing the pigment, which is in the state of the colloidal particles dispersed in the oil or dissolved in oil.
Bleaching Earth, also known as activated bleaching earth, activated bleaching clay, bleaching clay, activated clay or fullerí»s earth.

It is manufactured by acid activation of calcium bentonite, showing a fine, grayish-white powder, having a highly porous inner structure and a multitude of acid sites upon its surface.

It is very suitable for removal of aflatoxin, carotinoids, phospholipids and peroxides, pesticide residue, via chemisorption and acid catalysis.With its strong absorbing, bleaching and decolorizing properties, bleaching earth is highly used in a wide scope of applications such as refining vegetable and animal oils and fats, moreover for finishing and/or reprocessing numerous types of mineral oils, paraffin and waxes. It can be also used as the clarifier of the grape wine and fruit juice, and as a stabilizer of the treatment of the beer.Besides the above, it is widely used to filter the impurities from petroleum products and as a lubricant for drilling oil.

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