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Xenon Light Fastness/ Climate Resistant Tester
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XL-1200 Xenon Light Fastness/ Climate Resistant Tester

Xenon weather test machine/application:
xenon arc testing machine is a comprehensive climate testing machine, it can do climatic aging test, and also can do fading acceleration test under color effect or color changed. The test range including: dying and finishing, printing, leather, plastic, plyglass, painting, textile, printing ink, rubber and also the industry relative color. Light fastness and fade grade can be known in short time. Those materials exposed at simulated sunlight to evaluated the material¡¯s light fastness performance. To simulate and strengthen the test according to light energy, temperature, rain fall or condensation, humidity, .etc these main climate factors. Adopt simulated sunlight spectrum¡¯s Xenon arc light to create destructive waves under different environment.

Xenon Accelerated Tester/features:
1. Advanced design technology and concept,
2. Excellent technology of producing and outstanding system of quality management,
3. Xenon lamp tester can be the most realistic simulated solar spectrum, including ultraviolet,
visible and infrared.
4. Be tested in the range of the full spectrum, necessary for most textile sun and color fastness test.

xenon accelerated weathering tester/technical parameters:
1. Model: XL - 1000
2. Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm): 900x900x900
3. External Dimension WxHxD (mm): 1500x2000x1400
4. Tube Using Life (H): 1500
5. Tube Power: 1KW/6KW
6. BPT 40~120¡æ(¡À3¡æ)

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Xenon test
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