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isobutyl cinnamate
spices. Is mainly used for the preparation of gooseberry, peach, strawberry, cherry, cocoa and chocolate aroma strong flavor.

CAS : 122-67-8
Formula : C13H16O2
Molecular Weight : 204.26
Package specification: 200kg plastic barrel
Specifications Model: 99% Enterprise Standard
Physical and chemical properties: Colorless transparent liquid of sweet fruit aroma and flavor oils, boiling point: 271 . Miscible in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform and most of the non-volatile oil, slightly soluble in propylene glycol, a few do not dissolve in water . relative density (25 ) :1.001-1 .004, refractive index (20 ) :1.539-1 .541, flash point greater than 100 . Content 99.0%. .
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