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furfuryl alcohol
furfural,other agent
Industrial furfuryl alcohol is mainly used to manufacture furfuryl alcohol resin, which is used as binder of sand core of sand core of thermal core shooting box in precise foundry industry. Also furfuryl alcohol is used to manufacture tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, anti-corrosion coating, etc. and used as solvents, thinner or other organic raw material.
Physical & Chemical Features
Byname: 2-furylmethanol,2-furancarbinol
Molecular formula: C5H6O2
CAS No: 98-00-0
UN No.:2874
Dangerous goods class:6.1
Item: Top quality
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow color, transparent liquid
Purity(%): 98.0 min
Furfural(%): 0.7 max
Moisture(%): 0.3 max
Acid(mol/L): 0.01 max
Density(P20)g/ml: 1.129-1.135
Refractive index(nP20): 1.485-1.488
Cloud point(oC): 10.0 max
Industrial field adhesive & sealant, others, solvents
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