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Yantai Humon Chemical Co., Ltd
Beijucheng village, Dayao town, Yantai city, Shandong province, China
Ms. Haosijia
Industrial field additive, inorganic chemicals, waste & water treatment
Company Description (Introduction)

Yantai Humon Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the chemical engineering enterprises established earlier in Jiaodong Peninsula, which covers an area of 260000 square meters. It has more than 600 workers and total assets 80 million Yuan.
The company pays attention to technology and talents, regards meeting market demand as the direction, develops the readily marketable products, and adjusts product structure constantly. Main products and annual production capacity: 30,000 tons of Sodium Formate, 5,000 tons of Formic Acid, 30,000 tons of Caustic Soda, 6000 tons of TCCA (Trichloroisyanuric Acid), 6000 tons of SDIC/DCCNa (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate), 20,000 tons of Hydrogen Peroxide solution, 32,000 tons of Liquid Chlorine, and 18, 000 kilowatts of thermoelectric generating capacity.
The company adheres to the policies of "system innovation, management innovation, and technology innovation ", and is devoted to building Humon Chemical into a flourishing and upward modernized enterprise with a sound system, beautiful environment, scientific management and modern techniques.
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sodium dichloroisocyanurate
sodium formate  -  Used in leather industry,serves as camouflage salt in the chrome tanning method ...
sodium formate  -  Mainly applied to the manufacture of formic acid and oxalic acid, as well as to ...
Swimming Pool Chemical
юридически?услуги  -  As a kind of disinfectant, it can sterilize drinking water, swimming pool, table ...
Water Treatment Chemical
юридически?услуги<  -  As a kind of disinfectant, it can sterilize drinking water, swimming pool, table ...

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