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Tianming new materials research institute
South Zone of Jingzhou in Yangtze River Bridge West 600 meters
hou zhuhai
Industrial field fat & oils, wax,food additive & flavoring,waste & water treatment
Company Description (Introduction)

Tianming new materials research institute is a big factory to specializing in recearch of new wall integrating scientific research,materials,equipment,manufacturing of panel machinery .There is development, production,sales, installation of New lightweight energy saving dovetile tiles interlock anti-crack panel , machinery .After 10 years of hard work, and constantly develop and grow, many years of practical experience,unique technology to produce the first-class wall panel series machinery and panel. Which locate in Jinzhou, one of the ancient national historical and cultural city. Hubei Province.
The city land and water transportation is very convenient. The factory covering a total area of 15,000 square meters, respectively, with "a new light wall materials research, polymer composite materials research, light partition board machinery and equipment factory, with an annual output of 180,000 square meters of light wall board manufacturing plant. The Building Materials Institute won national"science and technology progress third prize",

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Lightweight partition board machine  -  Light partition board machine, light partition board extrusion machine, light pa ...

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