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Wutai Town ,Lizi District ,Zibo City ,Shandong,China
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roy hu
Industrial field additive, food additive & flavoring, inorganic chemicals, organo silicone, pharmaceutical
Company Description (Introduction)

I am very glad to introduce myself . My name is Roy Hu , International Business Manager of Zibo Luda chemical Co.,Ltd.We are a chemical product manufacturer inluding 1,3-dichloropene,1,2-dichloropane, D-D Mixing agent, Chloropropene low boiling point, Epoxy high boiling point, Ethylorthoformate, Trimethoxymethane etc .
Now I am writing to you for future potential cooperation. I 'd like to know if you have enquiry currently . If you are interested in it , we will supply competitve price and high-level quality to promote our business .

Chemical products list for the selected company's manufacturing items.
1,3-Dichloropropene  -  1,3-diChloropropene is a high-efficient soil fumigant, nematocide, herbicide,int ...
Methyl Salicylate  -  Uses:In fragrances, chewing gum, toothpaste, ointment reagent and solvent indust ...
юридически?услуги  -  Terbinafine Intermediate
triethyl orthoformate
юридически?услуги  -  Used in organic synthesis, used as pharmaceutical intermediates & photosensitive ...
Trimethoxymethane  -  It is Organic synthetic intermediate. It can produce vitamin B1, bactericide and ...

Chemicals raw material list for the selected company's manufacturing or selling items
There is no existing items for the selected company