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Newstar (China) Industrial Company(granite marble slate sandstone pebble)
#608 unit 10 bishuiwan,quanzhou,fujian,china
86 595 22285926
86 595 22166926
Lancy lee
Industrial field civil & construction, food additive & flavoring, paper & pulp additive, plastic, polymer, resin, monomer
Company Description (Introduction)

China NewStar Stone Company Presents the one of largest production of Natural Stone In China. More and more kinds Chinese stone we are offering, Whether where you can come from., friendly exporter would supply what you like in stone! We enjoy working with you to supply and export all kinds of stone from china to you. Whether you are a wholesaler , a retailer, a home builder ,or Architect ,always China Newstar Stone Company would try our best to offer our best service for you! We own processing factories and more long-term supply and cooperation factories in China. All goods' price are competitive and quality are first!

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China Chinese black granite marble tile slabs monuments producer
granite tiles slabs
юридически?услуги  -  We manufacture high quality granite and marble tiles using domestic and import ...
paving stone supplier
юридически?услуги  -  China Newstar Stone Company is an professional exporter and manufacturer of vari ...
Tombstones memories monumental works
юр  -  China Newstar Stone Company provides all types of tombstones, monuments and re ...

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