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Henan Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd
Huanghe road, Puyang city, Henan, China
Ms. Wang Jingli
Industrial field additive, adhesive & sealant, agrochemical, animal chemicals, civil & construction, cosmetics, dye & pigment, inorganic chemicals, others, paint & coating, paper & pulp additive, pharmaceutical, plastic, polymer, resin, monomer, rubber & additives, surfactants, waste & water treatment
Company Description (Introduction)

We are one professional Dioxide&Peroxide chemical producer in China.
Especially are the earliest and leading manufacturer for Thiourea dioxide in global mart, with output of 16000MT per year.
Our annual capacity as below:
Thiourea dioxide: 16000MT.
Thiourea: 3000MT.
Sodium percarbonate: 40000MT.
Furfuralcohol: 30000MT.
Furfural: 15000MT.
We value each business chance and sincerely hope your anytime enquiry!

Chemical products list for the selected company's manufacturing items.
Furfural  -  It can be used lubricating oil refining, furfuryl alcohol production by hydroge ...
Furfuryl Alcohol  -  It's widely used in making Furan Resin of all kinds. In oil refinery and foundr ...
Melamine  -  Melamine is mainly used for manufacturing melaminoformal dehyde resin, which is ...
Sodium Percarbonate
?  -  It has a wide range of applications in various cleaning products and detergent f ...
thiourea  -  Pharmaceutical raw material, bleaching agent in textile dyeing and printing, a ...
Thiourea Dioxide  -  It is one new kind environmental-protection agent which is can be used as exchan ...
Titanium Dioxide  -  It can be used in paint, rubber, plastic, paper making, printing ink, chemical f ...

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