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Hebei Natai Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd
No.6 Chemical North Road, Circular Chemical Industrial Park, shijiazhuang city, hebei province, China
+86 183 3210 8399
Industrial field pharmaceutical
Company Description (Introduction)

Hebei Natai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is specially manufacturing the material of potassium monopersulfate compound with the production of 500 Metric ton monthly, which could be used in oral hygiene, pool and spa water disinfection, water treatment, aquaculture, PCB etchant, Pulp bleach, wool fabrics shrink treatment agent, and precious metal refining agent.
Chinas Hebei government invests and supports our R & D center; we cooperate with university for technology research. We have the efficient quality system and quality management & control. Our products can keep the quality stability, which cannot leave from the factory without qualified approval. The packing is 25kg PP-PE bags to keep in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.
The total investment is 10 million US Dollars; we have 100 employees including the seven Doctors. We are located in Shijiazhuang City of Hebei province in China. Welcome to visit us!
Hope that you can contact with us,.

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