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No.189-2,Huayuan Rd,Jinan
Industrial field pharmaceutical
Company Description (Introduction)

SINBOND INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. specializes in researching, producing and selling Pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates (mainly anti-epilepsy, antibiotics, anti-diabetes, etc) and fine chemicals.

Through the last years, we have been an experienced and creative enterprise .Our products regularly export to Europe, USA, India and other areas. The quality and services are well received by customers.

Our companys principle is:"Honesty, Efficiency, Mutual benefit".We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers all over the world.

Chemical products list for the selected company's manufacturing items.
1,2-Dichloro-1,2-Difluoroethylene  -  organic intermediate
2,2-Difluoroethanol |359-13-7  -  organic intermediate
4-Amino-3-chlorophenol|17609-80-2  -  organic intermediate
4-Fluorobenzenesulfonyl chloride|349-88-2  -  organic intermediate
4-Nitrobenzenesulfonyl chloride  -  organic intermediate
Asenapine Maleate|85650-56-2  -  Schizophrenia API
Axitinib|319460-85-0  -  A kinase inhibitor, apply to a failure of previous systemic therapy of advanced ...
AZD-9291|1421373-65-0  -  API
Azilsartan|147403-03-0  -  lower blood pressure API
BIBF-1120|928326-83-4  -  API
Brivaracetam  -  API
CAL-101|870281-82-6  -  API
Chlorodifluoroacetic acid  -  organic intermediate
Chlorodifluoroacetic anhydride  -  organic intermediate
Darunavir ethanolate|635728-49-3  -  Anti HIV
Dasatinib|302962-49-8  -  Leukemia
Difluoroacetic acid |381-73-7  -  organic intermediate
Eltrombopag olamine|496775-62-3  -  API
Erlotinib hydrochloride  -  Lung cancer API
Fenspiride hydrochloride| 5053-08-7  -  Anti asthma and chronic bronchitis
Gefitinib  -  Lung cancer API
Guanfacine hydrochloride|29110-48-3  -  Children with attention deficit,hyperactivity,anti-hypertension
Isavuconazole|241479-67-4  -  Antifungal
Ivabradine Hydrochloride  -  Angina pectoris API
LCZ 696 |936623-90-4  -  API
Ledipasvir|1441674-54-9  -  API
Lenalidomide|191732-72-6  -  API
Olopatadine  -  Anti - allergy
Omarigliptin  -  API
parecoxib sodium  -  API
Perampanel|380917-97-5  -  for more than 12 years old epileptic patients with partial seizures adjuvant the ...
Pixantrone Maleate  -  Pixantrone Maleate
Posaconazole|171228-49-2  -  Antifungal API
Regorafenib|1019206-88-2  -  Indications: for the treatment of adult epilepsy patients with partial seizures ...
Retigabine|150812-12-7  -  Epilepsy
Roflumilast|162401-32-3  -  API
Sodium Chlorodifluoroacetate|1895-39-2  -  organic intermediate
Sunitinib malate |341031-54-7  -  API
Suvorexant(MK-4305)  -  API
Teriflunomide|163451-81-8  -  Relapsing multiple sclerosis
Tigecycline|220620-09-7  -  antibiotics
Tofacitinib citrate  -  API
Tofacitinib Citrate|540737-29-9  -  anti-Arthritis
Torezolid|856866-72-3  -  API
Vilazodone Hydrochloride|163521-08-2  -  anti-severe depression API
Vonoprazon|1260141-27-2  -  API
Voriconazole|137234-62-9  -  Antifungal API
Vortioxetine hydrobromide|960203-27-4  -  Anti-depression API
Vortixitine base|508233-74-7  -  Severe depression API
Chemical products list for the selected company's ditributing items
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Chemicals raw material list for the selected company's manufacturing or selling items
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