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Industrial field additive, adhesive & sealant, agrochemical, animal chemicals, biocide, fungicide, civil & construction, cosmetics, dye & pigment, fat & oils, wax, food additive & flavoring, inorganic chemicals, organo silicone, others, paint & coating, paper & pulp additive, pharmaceutical, plastic, polymer, resin, monomer, polyurethane(PU), rubber & additives, solvents, surfactants, waste & water treatment
Company Description (Introduction)

Dear manager:
Cre company is an international import and export company for chemicals,agricultural products,technology products, which is set up according to the modern corporation system. In order to be suitable to the growing competition in the international market, we do our best to develop industry chemicals.
About the chemicals, we provide kinds of products of good quality, such as, Cacl2, CaBr2, Mgcl2 and so on. As our advantageous product, Cacl2 is recommended to most of the customers. There are mainly four types in Cacl2 which is used for food and industry, which are in forms of powder, flakes, granule, and pellets. The purity of Cacl2 we provide is all catching up and transcends the international standards. For example,94% 95% 96% in Calcium chloride anhydrous and 74% 75% 77% 78% in calcium chloride dihydrous.
About the agricultural and technology products we can supply garlic, peanut, peanut oil, onion, solar water heaters and day of supplies with high quality and reasonable price.
All the products we provide are sold well in over thirty cities in china, and exported to Middle East oil companies such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Arabia united empire, Egypt, Turkey and so on. Especially in US, Canada, Mexico country Area, European country, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, they enjoy high praise.
We feel confident and look forward to establishing business relations with all fields of friends and you are welcome to visit our challecaution at hotmail,com msn challecaution at hotmail,com

Chemical products list for the selected company's manufacturing items.
Calcium Bromide(liquid)
?  -  1.Calcium Bromide Liquid 52% MIN •Specification: •Molecular For ...
calcium chloride  -  1.Calcium Chloride FLAKE 74%MIN•Specification: •Molecular Formular: ...
Calcium Chloridegranle
?<  -  1.Calcium Chloride GRANULES 74%MIN •Specification: •WHITE GRANULES ...
Calcium Chloridepowder
?<  -  1.Calcium Chloride POWDER 74%MIN •Specification: •WHITE GRANULES ...
Calcium Chloride(powder)
?<  -  1Calcium Bromide Powder 96% MIN Specification: Molecular Formular: Cab
Calcium Chloride(prill)
?  -  1.Calcium Chloride PRILL 74%MIN•Specification: •Molecular Formular: ...
Magnesium Chloride  -  1.Magnesium Chloride FLAKE 45% MIN •Specification: •Molecula ...
Magnesium Chloride(powder)
Sodium Bromide  -  1.Sodium Bromide Liquid 52% MIN •Specification: •Molecular ...
Sodium Bromide  -  1.Sodium Bromide Powder 98% MIN •Specification: •Molecular F ...
Washing Powder Detergent
?<  -  Washing Powder Detergent Specification: Ingredient: Active Ingredient: 10%-12% ...
Chemical products list for the selected company's ditributing items
There is no existing items for the selected company

Chemicals raw material list for the selected company's manufacturing or selling items
There is no existing items for the selected company