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Chengdu loctiteagency Co., LTD
Sichuan Chengdu Century Plaza District Dafeng
Lu Jing Kun
Industrial field fat & oils, wax,food additive & flavoring,waste & water treatment
Company Description (Introduction)

An authorized distributor of Loctite Loctite Corporation - Chengdu Loctite glue Agency Co., Ltd. Main Products: Loctite glue Loctite sealant Loctite instant adhesive imported glue | UV curing adhesive | epoxy glue | Hot glue | conductive adhesivethe Loctite agent | Loctite glue Loctite glue Wholesale | adhesives Loctite glue Wholesale | Loctite Corporation | agent Loctite sealant Loctite glue | Hotline: 13,880,266,995 - Loctite ? brand since 1997 Henkelpart of the product mix, well-known high-quality adhesive sealants. Since the initial development of 50 years ago, a unique anaerobic technology, Loctite adhesive, Loctite 243 glue, Loctite 222 glue, Loctite 587 glue.Chengdu Loctite glue distributors, Loctite 596 plane sealant.
In today's competitive market, the main Category: Loctite anaerobic adhesive, Loctite sealant, Loctite cyanoacrylate, UV curing adhesive, epoxy glue, thermal plastic, conductive adhesive, Loctite glue, imported glue Loctite 401 glue. Loctite 243 glue, Loctite 262 glue. A full range of sales agent Chengdu Loctite glue Agency Limited ( ") Henkel Loctite glue Loctite glue institutions have a complete sales network, to provide customers with complete sales and technical services. Loctite products are widely used electronics, automotive and aerospace, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, as well as many other industries, a variety of products, industrial manufacturing industrial maintenance and automotive maintenance, maintenance.

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