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Blue Star New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch
8, Dahua Rd ., Youjiang District, Baise city, Guangxi China
Jason Clark
Industrial field additive, dye & pigment, inorganic chemicals, paint & coating, rubber & additives
Company Description (Introduction)

Titanium Dioxide Manufacturer

BlueStar Chemical New Materials Shareholding Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch is a time-honored titanium dioxide factory with an annual production of 36,000 tons. For over 20 years experience in this field, Guangxi branch shall offer you the good quality Titanium dioxide in competetive price and excellent service.

As a national group company, bluestar shall be your new reliable supplier for:
Titanium Dioxide DHA-100
Titanium Dioxide B101
Titanium Dioxide A100
Titanium Dioxide Anatase

Titanium dioxide Anatase type
Appearance: White Power

Content: 98% min
Chromatic Aberration Value L 98.2
(L* a* b* value) A -0.45~0.15; B 0.2~0.9
Coloring power(compared With standard sample) 100
105 Volatile matter: 0.5% max
Oil Absorption: 23 max
45 um sieve residue: 0.05% max
pH value of aqueous suspension: 6.5~8.0
Resistivity of Aqueous Extract, M 20
Packing: Inner plastic outer woven bag or compound paper bag, 25kg/bag or upon clients' require.

Our Titanium Dioxide is under special technical process producing super whiteness.

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Titanium Dioxide Anatase DHA-100
?  -  Painting, Coating, Rubber, Plastic, Paper and etc
Titanium Dioxide Anatase
?<  -  Titanium Dioxide Manufacturer BlueStar Chemical New Materials Shareholding Co ...

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