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Tri, Trichloroethene, Trichloroethene (Trichloroethylene), Trichloroethylene, Ethinyl trichloride, Ethylene trichloride, 1,1,2-Trichlorethylene, 1,1-dichloro-2-chloroethylene, 1-Chloro-2,2-dichloroethylene, Acetylene trichloride,
Solvent-cellulose esters, ethe
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Chemical products list for the selected chemical compounds
T.C.E  -  Foosung Tech Corporation
Colorless, combustable, liquid * Applications: -Fat-on-metal cleanser /Electronics/Petroleum/Print ...
trichloroethylene  -  Shanghai Jianying Chemical Co.,Ltd
Trichloroethylene is an effective solvent for a variety of organic materials. When it was first w ...
?  -  Shanghai Jianying Chemical Co.,Ltd
mainly used as solvent, degreasing, freezing, farm chemical, flavouring matter, rubber industry, fab ...